01 March, 2018

NorthWind at Vaasa Wind Exchange & Solar

NorthWind services are presented 20.-21.3.2018 at stand C2. Welcome!

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12 February, 2018

EOW inspections for Taaleri wind farms

NorthWind has executed balance of plant -end of warranty inspections for Taaleri’s wind farms Myllykangas, Pajukoski and Kytölä. Inspections included site inspection (civil works, foundations, electrical network and substation) and managing the eow-meeting with Contractor.

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12 October, 2017

North Wind industry projects on going

NorthWind has several industry projects now on going. More infromation: Operational Director Ville Lamberg

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06 March, 2017

NorthWind steady growth continues

NorthWind Consulting Oy has hired Henri Vanha. Henri will work as a project engineer in wind farm projects.

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15 October, 2016

NorthWind services also for industry and energy facilities

NorthWind will present a new product portfolio at Energy 2016 fair in Tampere. Our services are now also available for industry and energy facility sector. The kick-off for spreading the services was merger between Ville Lamberg Oy and NorthWind Consulting Oy. Check out our services and contact us!

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20 September, 2016

NorthWind got a significant Owner’s engineer deal

NorthWind’s owner’s engineer team leads the Kivivaara-Peuravaara 2A and 2B projects. Total capacity of the site will rise to 90MW. Farm is located in Hyrynsalmi and Suomussalmi in Kainuu-Finland.

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20 May, 2016

NorthWind is hiring

NorthWind Consulting Oy has hired Kristoffer Blom. Kristoffer will work as a project engineer in wind farm projects.

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06 February, 2016


Towards the end of the year 2015, NorthWind Consulting expertise rose to a new level, when two long-term wind power professionals began working in the company. Eero Länsimäki and Mika Suokas have gathered several years of work experience in wind power projects. These include, for example, starting the land organisation for maintenance, managing projects, and many other tasks related to the industry.

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19 August, 2015

Taaleritehtaan Tuulitehdas II – Owner’s engineer

NorthWind Consulting Oy has been selected as the Owner’s engineer service provider for the Taaleritehdas’ Tuulitehdas II projects. The assignment encompasses the supervision during construction, from excavation to erection work and implementations. This includes many wind farms around Finland

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18 April, 2015

TCM services to Taaleritehdas’ wind farms

NorthWind Consulting Oy has concluded TCM agreements with the Honkajoen Tuulipuisto KY and Nybyn Tuulipuisto KY.

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