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Identify profitability behind the figures

Profitability means taking control of challenges and finding effective solutions. Sinking our teeth into the relevant details at the right time leaves us with more below the line.

Methods for increasing profits

We ensure the best possible profit for your investment by introducing the robust technical perspective of our team. We can estimate accurate costs at different stages of the investment and supervise the situation to ensure that the available resources are allocated in the right places. During the maintenance phase, improving usability requires a deep understanding of the operation and the condition of the equipment as well as the root causes for interruptions. We can help you identify the dependencies between different fault conditions.

To increase profits, we use services and tools such as: Due Diligence system screenings, electrical loss analyses, competitive tendering and contract structures during the project phase as well as maintenance planning, root cause analyses, and equipment inspections during the maintenance phase. Through our partners we can also provide extensive assessments regarding wind resources, for example.

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