Asset Management and Development

Regular maintenance and inspections increase lifespan, performance, and safety

Constant work is needed to ensure the technical performance and safety of equipment. The lifespan of critical components is increased, the efficiency is improved, and costly outages can be minimized.

We carry out required plant modifications with the same principles as are used for building new equipment: sensible schedules, careful pre-planning and the use of appropriate contract models and operators ensure successful results. For revisions, safety must also be ensured to prevent accidents before they lead to absences from work, for example.

As the owner or operator of a wind farm, you can increase the transparency of your production with our help, because we are able to evaluate the key figures of your facility independently. With the correct figures, you can develop your operation decisively and consistently.

Operation Management

The Operation Manager is the single most important individual for the maintenance and safety management of electrical equipment. We provide operation management services under the Electrical Safety Act with S1 qualifications...

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Maintenance Planning

Knowledge of the lifespan of your equipment is extremely important for maintenance planning. To support maintenance planning, we provide system screening services, which determine the most important components for the project...

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End of Warranty Services

As the warranty period comes to an end you should be fully in charge of the situation. We provide End of Warranty services related to both equipment inspections and contractual consultation...

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We provide varying inspection services throughout the lifespan of your equipment. Our strengths lie in electrical, machinery, and automation technology inspections...

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Root Cause Analysis

When production is suspended, it is important to accurately identify the cause-effect relationships for the incident. We specialize in fault analyses for wind farms and distribution of electricity...

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Measurement Services

Electrical measurements are an important part of planning, building, implementation, and maintenance. We provide earthing measurements for all of the above stages...

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