Asset Management and Development

Measurement Services

Electrical measurements are an important part of planning, building, implementation, and maintenance. We provide measurements for all of the stages mentioned above.

For example, properly performed earthing measurements can be used to tackle various risks that are related to the scheduling and budget of the project, particularly during the planning stage. The earthing measurements are also required during the maintenance stage under the IEC 61400 and SFS6001 standards.

We also provide the measurements related to the grid code compliance requirements for power plants (GCC) using measurement devices approved by Fingrid. We have performed commissioning test measurements for several wind farms. The Grid Code Compliance measurements are always performed taking the client’s interests into consideration and any issues notified in relation to the measurements are always reported to the client, even if they are not directly linked to the conformity of the facility.

In addition, we provide services for determining the positioning of cabling in different stages of construction projects. Position determination can be used to ensure the correct spatial data and/or installation depth in relation to take over, end of warranty or intersecting construction.

Our measurement services

  • Earthing measurements
  • Measurement of electrical power quality
  • Grid Code Compliance measurements
  • Position determination for cabling
  • Commissioning measurements