Safety Coordinator

We provide safety coordinator services under the Finnish Government Decree 205/2009. Safety coordination begins with gathering the initial information and priorities from the client. This includes reviewing the various authorization documents and the special features of the project known to the Client. Based on the initial information, our safety coordinator will create the safety documentation, safety rules, and a code of practice for the project.

The tasks of the safety coordinator include ensuring the health and safety during the construction project. To facilitate proper performance of the task, worksite supervision and safety measurements must be maintained at a sufficient level. The extent of supervision and method of reporting are discussed case-specifically with the Client.

The development of safety is also very important during a project. Thus, the safety coordinator maintains a constant dialogue with the owner of the project and the purchaser to make sure that the safety plan and the purchaser’s guidelines are kept up to date at all times. Observations related to safety and the documentation are reviewed at the end of the project. Based on these, the safety coordinator creates a final report for the purchaser as necessary.